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Welcome to East Valley Cake Decorating Supply LLC., also known as EVCDS.  We are a full service cake decorating supply store in the Metropolitan Phoenix area.

Classes and Demos

We have skilled instructors able to teach both classes and demonstrations on a variety of subjects from cake decorating to cookies, cake pops, and candies. 

Beginning Cake Decorating: Session 3 - Buttercream Flowers

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Beginning Cake Decorating: Session 3 - Buttercream Flowers

from 35.00

Saturday, March 18, 1-3pm.

Adults only, please. Class limited to 10 students.

Topics covered in class:

* Detailed notes, recipes, food safety and storage

* Use proper icing consistencies for creating various flowers

* Easy ways to transfer flowers to a cake for a flawless finish

* Piping flowers directly on a cake surface

* Special coloring techniques for variegated flowers and leaves

* Introduction to Russian flower tips

* Create the sweet pea, daisy, violet, mum, fern, primrose, dahlia, drop flowers, tulip, roses, basketweave, and more!

* Your choice: bring a cake to decorate in class, or just make the flowers to take home with you.

Session 3 is a hands-on class, and requires that you bring all supplies listed (cake is optional) and know how to use a piping bag and tips, as well as create different consistencies and colors of icing. If you are not familiar with these techniques, please sign up for Session 2 also.

Supplies Required: pen or pencil, iced cake ready to decorate (optional), container to take home flowers, plastic wrap, *medium (or #7) flower nail, *twenty or more 2x2” waxed or parchment paper squares, *flower lifter, *9”(including handle) tapered offset decorating spatula, *toothpicks, *4 gel food colors of your choice, *five to ten 10” piping bags, *five standard couplers, *round piping tips #1, #3, #5, and #10, *basketweave tip #47, *rose tip #104, *leaf tips #352 and #67, *tip #59, *tip #81, *large tip #2D, *one 10-petal Russian rose tip #243 (*items included in bundle)

2 Sign-Up Options:

Class Only

Class PLUS Supply Bundle:

$5 OFF the class price, PLUS all supplies listed below for you to keep!

  • Medium (or #7) flower nail
  • 20 2x2” waxed or parchment paper squares
  • flower lifter
  • 9”(including handle) tapered offset decorating spatula
  • Toothpicks
  • 4 gel food colors of your choice
  • 5 10” piping bags
  • 5 standard couplers
  • Round piping tips #1, #3, #5, and #10
  • Basketweave tip #47
  • Rose tip #104
  • Leaf tips #352 and #67
  • Tip #59
  • Tip #81
  • Large tip #2D
  • 1 10-petal Russian rose tip #243

NOTE: in addition to these items, student must bring an iced cake ready to decorate (optional), container to take home flowers, plastic wrap as listed in "Supplies Required", and 2 cups stiff white buttercream.

You may pick up your supplies at the store any time before the class (if you would like to pre-wash the tools and tips before using), or you will receive them when you arrive at class.

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