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Welcome to East Valley Cake Decorating Supply LLC., also known as EVCDS.  We are a full service cake decorating supply store in the Metropolitan Phoenix area.

EVCDS Fondant Class - 2 Sessions

Classes and Demos

We have skilled instructors able to teach both classes and demonstrations on a variety of subjects from cake decorating to cookies, cake pops, and candies. 

EVCDS Fondant Class - 2 Sessions

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EVCDS Fondant Class - 2 Sessions


Fondant Class

Price Includes 2-2hr classes

Registration Deadline: 9/15/17

Classes are non-refundable

Week 1: Saturday, September 9, 1-3pm.

We will start the class by learning how to work with fondant to create decorations that will be dried and added to your cake in the second week. Learn how to make some of the most common fondant decorations for your cakes, including regular and multi-loop bows, and simple flowers and figures. All items you create will need to be brought back the following week to assemble on your completed cake (cake covering will be taught in week 2). 

Week 2: Saturday, September 16, 1-3pm.

Learn the tips and tricks to successfully cover a cake in fondant, as well as how to decorate it with stripes or polka dots, and other simple decorations. You will learn techniques that will help your cake to look smooth and professional with nice edges, as well as how to avoid powdered sugar, water, or gum glue stains. We will also learn how to make a professional-looking cake board that is covered with fondant. We will assemble the multi-loop bows, and then use our dried fondant decorations to complete our cakes.

Supplies Needed: (Not Included)

32oz white fondant

Rolling mat and pin

Pizza wheel style cutter

Dab n' Hold or gum glue

Assorted round and flower shaped cutters, 1"-3" diameter

Fondant ball tool and foam square

Gel food colors

Small detail paint brush


Fondant smoother


1c powdered sugar

1/4c solid vegetable shortening

Iced 8" layer cake (for week 2)

Our associates are available and happy to help you shop for the items you need to supplement your supplies. All class members will receive 5% off of their order in the store when shopping for this class.

Registration Deadline: 9/15/17

Classes are non-refundable


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