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Welcome to East Valley Cake Decorating Supply LLC., also known as EVCDS.  We are a full service cake decorating supply store in the Metropolitan Phoenix area.

Texture Sheet Set - Manly

Texture Sheets

Texture Sheet Set - Manly


Texture Sheet Set - Manly


Texture Sheet Set - Manly.  By Autumn Carpenter

Mats measure 7" x 10".

Set of six different texture mats to decorate cookies, cupcakes or create accents for cakes. Each texture sheet is extra deep to give highly detailed results.  Use either side of the mat. One side will give a raised impression, while the other will give a recessed impression.

Mats can be used with crusted buttercream, fondant, gingerbread and chocolate. . This set includes gears, tire tread, diamond plate, leather, wood grain and tribal.

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